An ancient culture on the verge of disappearing, see how Choco Sombra is working with the Quechua to preserve their heritage and culture.

Descendent from the Inca, the Quechua people have a rich cultural heritage and understanding of the complexity of the biodiverse resources in Peru.  Knowledge keepers of the medicinal properties of numerous plants and stewards of traditional practices, these vulnerable villages are quickly losing their place in this modern world.  With many of their children leaving the villages to go to the cities we are at risk of losing a vast body of knowledge and history.

Choco Sombra has initiated and financed a project to develop an indigenous crop that could assist the village in developing an additional means of supporting themselves.  Additionally, we import and sell the traditional weavings that are made by hand by the members of the village.  These weavings have a rich history of communication via the symbols woven into the cloth.  Rich colors made from flowers and beats combined by the hand woven techniques makes each section of cloth its own unique work of art.