Freshness Preservation

There’s a method to that great, fresh taste.

The freshness preservation begins at the farm level.  Our coffee is packaged in Grain Pro bags with the traditional jute bags on the exterior for shipment.  Grain Pro bags are made of several layers of fused plastics that create a hermetic seal.  This seal limits the oxygen available for fungus and other factors that age coffee to develop.

Our coffee is stored in our climate controlled warehouse in Frederick, MD.  It is well above the industry standard to store green coffee in a climate controlled facility.

We roast on demand in small batches.  Most larger companies inventory roasted coffee for several months and this results in a loss of flavor in the cup.   Our consumer bags are made a 3 layer freshness foil and have a CO2 valve to release any excess gases and preserve freshness.

The combination of these practices ensures you the freshest cup of coffee possible.

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