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  • 70 percent cacao chocolate

    70% Pure Peruvian Chocolate Bar


    Grown in the Peruvian cloud forest under a canopy of native trees our cacao beans embody the flavors of the nutrient dense soil in which they are grown.

    The 70% is our most popular bar and great entry into dark chocolate.

    Our cacao beans are imported directly from a single estate family owned farm. This farm practices bio-dynamic farming; this is a system that integrates the highest level of sustainability practices for the land and humanitarian practices for labor. Our chocolate is slavery free.

    We make our chocolate from the raw imported beans into the chocolate bar that you receive at our facility in Frederick, MD. We have perfected our recipe to offer a flavorful and smooth taste. The purity and simplicity of this chocolate can be tasted from the first bite. A very healthy choice as it is made of 4 simple ingredients; cacao beans, sugar, cocoa butter, and vanilla.

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    Cafetera plus two 2 ounce coffee packs

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    Brew your coffee like they do on the coffee farms in Peru!

    This unique coffee brewing system makes a coffee extract that can be used in different ways.

    On the farm, they serve the extract with a little hot water pot on the side.

    You mix your own amount of water and extract in your cup to your liking.  The extract lasts about 2 days.

    Several folks have incorporated the coffee extract into desserts or mixed alcoholic drinks.

    Use your imagination and have fun!!

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