How We Make Chocolate

It’s as delicious as it sounds.


At our plant in Frederick the cacao beans are carefully roasted. Roasting beans further develops the rich chocolate flavor and also sanitizes them. Our roaster is an ecologically friendly roaster. It reduces energy consumption and CO2 emissions by 80% of normal roasters.


During this step the dried beans are cracked. This separates the outer shell from the nib inside. The nibs are the small pieces that we use to make chocolate. They can also be used in many recipes and confections.


At this stage the nibs are ground down into a powder like size. We also grind our sugar to create confectionary sugar.

Blending and Refining

The cacao powder, confectionary sugar, coco butter, are blended and slowly churned to create a thick chocolate liquid.

Tempering and Molding

Tempering is a delicate process that involves slowly heating and cooling the chocolate repeatedly to prevent the formation of large crystals.

This process produces a smooth and shiny texture. Chocolate that isn’t properly tempered will turn grey and crumbly as it hardens.


Our chocolate is wrapped in a sanity and airtight seal. The foil wrapper is made of a specialized film designed to pressure freshness.

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A close up of some beans that are in the ground