12oz Decaf Whole Bean Peruvian Coffee


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Grown in the Peruvian cloud forest under a canopy of native trees this premium coffee is well balanced with medium levels of both body and acidity. Subtle flavor notes include floral, herbal and sweet nutty attributes. This is not a flavored coffee; these are naturally occurring flavor notes that can be found in this cup. The finish is smooth and clean.

Our swiss water process decaffeinated coffee is sure to please. Never burnt nor bitter.

This coffee is imported directly from a single estate family owned farm. This farm practices bio-dynamic farming; this is a system that integrates the highest level of sustainability practices for the land and humanitarian practices for labor.

It has received a specialty rating of Q 80 set by the SCAA, Specialty Coffee Association of America. This coffee has the unique combination of being both specialty rated for quality and taste as well as being sustainably farmed and directly sourced.

This coffee is Roasted on Demand to ensure the freshest cup. We do not hold roasted coffee in inventory.

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Weight 12 oz